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Adoption Profile Tips

What should I write about?

Don’t just use words, paint a picture using stories. For example, instead of simply saying “I am a very kind person,” elaborate and say, “I love to help others by volunteers tutoring kids at the community center, taking my elderly neighbor’s trash out every Tuesday, and always bringing special treats home to my family from the grocery store.”

What details should I include?

Connections are made in the details. While trying to paint a broad picture of your life, remember to include details that will personalize your story. Many connections are made based on a small detail that may seem rather significant to most people, such as a common love of red velvet cake, wearing funky sneakers, watching the Dallas Cowboys, or the fact that you snort when you laugh.

Any other tips?

Don’t come off as vanilla – show your sprinkles and chocolate sauce. You are special and unique. Make sure your profile reflects that and incorporates all the things that make you different from others around you.