Meet Julah

Before God opened the door to Julah, He had shut the doors to many other children for Duffy and Charis. Numerous fertility procedures, three failed invitro fertilization attempts, and many miscarriages had left deep wounds on their hearts. In the Spring of 2009, joy entered their home in the form of two little foster daughters, ages 5 and 19 months. All too soon, the girls were moved out, leaving Charis and Duffy devastated.

It was then that they began discussing the option of private adoption. It appeared to be financially out of their reach, so they began reaching out to adoption professionals for advice on how to proceed. One lawyer suggested taking to the internet in search for their birthmother. Less than six weeks later, they were matched with Candace and expecting the arrival of Julah.

Candace explains, "When I found out I was pregnant, I made the hard decision of giving the baby up for adoption, however putting her in the system seemed wrong to me. I had several couples approach me, wanting to adopt my baby, but they all backed out. Then, I found a website where couples make a profile and the birth parents can choose. I found the perfect couple to raise my baby, and we have the best relationship."

"For this child we prayed," is the verse that Charis and Candace have chosen to dedicate to Julah. Charis shared, "We have a beautiful open adoption agreement. We enjoy spending time together at least once a year and love seeing each other’s updates and pictures on Facebook."

Charis elaborated, "Meeting Candace was like meeting someone I had known and loved all of my life. We had an instant connection that gave us both peace. We knew God had brought us together and that our life stories would be forever intertwined. We are family. We are Julah’s family."