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If you are considering adoption as an option for your child, the NRFA is open for you to search for potential adoptive families from the comfort of your home, office, or school any time of day. At your own pace, you can search families and then contact them privately (and anonymously if you prefer). Through your communication with them, you can develop personal relationships and find the right fit for you and your child.

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As every family, adoption, and child is unique, it would be impossible to guarantee you a specific timeline or process. However, based on our experience at NRFA, these steps provide a good example of what you can expect.

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The journey of becoming a family through adoption can be overwhelming, both emotionally and financially. No matter which choices you make (which agency, what type of adoption, etc), the National Registry for Adoption is available to come alongside you, your agency, and/or your lawyer to provide additional support and resources. NRFA seeks to increase the number of adoptions finalized by reducing barriers to entry including geographic, financial, and relational boundaries.

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Every family that joins NRFA has an amazing story and it is so important that you share yours when you create a profile. Follow these steps below and let the birth parents read your story.

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  • Securely communicate with birth families to determine compatibility. Your email address is never shared by NRFA.
  • Search NRFA to select an adoption professional to assist you in the legal process.

At this point in your path to building a family you have probably tried everything else. Don't worry, we understand, we have been there and we know that your time and money is precious. We want you to be successful and to trust in us that we will help you find what you are looking for. Be sure to put time and consideration into your profile and it will all work out for the best.

Founder Q&A

If you want to know more about embryo adoption or child adoption, there is no better place to start than with Charis Boone, NRFA's founder. Charis spent some time answering some of the most common questions she gets asked about her adoptions.

– Charis Boone Johnson, Founder, NRFA

Question: What obstacles or barriers did you face in your adoption journey?

Charis: Many! Financial obstacles immediately forced us to pursue routes other than the typical agency path. We also struggled as a couple to determine which special needs issues we were prepared to accept.

Question: How did you overcome these obstacles?

Charis: In order to reconcile our differing opinions on children who may have special circumstances, we adopted a policy of "No man left behind." If we didn't agree – we didn't move forward. In our journey to find a path to adoption that fit within our budget, we tried several different methods. We tried fostering to adopt and were heartbroken when several scenarios didn't work out. We searched for smaller agencies with lower fee rates and experienced three failed placements. We finally found success when we took to the internet and started building relationships directly with birth families and embryo donors.

Question: What led you to make an online profile?

Charis: An adoption professional that I trust recommended it to me. I NEVER thought it would work, but they assured me that they'd seen success. In addition to the existing avenues I was pursuing, I thought it was worth a try.

Question: What type of response did you experience after posting an online profile?

Charis: Within 6 weeks, we had been contacted by 18 birthmothers! Many of them were still in their first trimester and were trying to sort through their feelings. I felt honored that they would trust me enough to allow me to walk with them on their journey, even if it was only for a short time. When we connected with our birth mother, we immediately knew she was "the one". We took our profile down and began to solely focus on our relationship with her.

Question: How did you know which birth family and embryo donors to choose?

Charis: My adoption professional gave me great advice on selecting a birth mother and embryo donors. I highly suggest you put a highly reputable adoption professional in your corner as well. With both our birth mother and embryo donors, it was easy. We had peace about it and felt great about our decision.

Question: How did you say no to the other birth mothers and embryo donors that contacted you?

Charis: It was very difficult to say no to some of the birthmothers and embryo donors that were interested in us. A dear friend gave me this advice, "It's better to say no, than to raise a child that was meant for someone else." Not every situation that you are presented with is meant to be yours. If you don't have the conviction and peace that a situation is meant for you, then in a loving way, be honest with the birth family or embryo donors. Share your heart with them, that you've agonized over this decision, and that they are important to you. Tell them that you are honored to have been even considered and that you wish them the best on their journey.

Question: What advantages did you experience in making a direct connection with your birth family and embryo donors?

Charis: The removal of a middleman allowed me to directly connect and bond with our birth mother and embryo donors. We spent months building a great foundation for a relationship that has continued beyond the birth of our children. I believe that they felt more comfortable with their adoption plans because they were given the chance to see my character, beliefs, and personality over the span of several weeks/months prior to the adoption proceedings.

Question: What did you do after matching with your birth family and embryo donors online?

Charis: We texted A LOT! I had very few phone calls with either as it was mostly texting and emailing back and forth constantly. They both shared pictures with me and gave me updates on a regular basis. Now, it's my turn to share pictures and updates with them on a regular basis. I was so thankful for the information they gave to me before my kids were born, and now I am able to return the favor by giving them information as well.

Question: How has connecting online impacted your ongoing relationship with your birth family and embryo donors?

Charis: We have always communicated directly. We've never experienced the middleman shuffle of communication, so I feel that we are closer and had clearer expectations of what our ongoing relationships would look like. We are all very happy with how our families have turned out and wouldn't have it any other way.