Discussion Group

Discussion Group

You are invited to participate in our online discussion group for

• Embryo Donors and those interested in becoming a donor

• Embryo Recipients and those interested in become an recipient

The National Registry for Adoption is looking for female volunteers to participate in an online discussion group. The purpose is to help us improve access to families who have donated an embryo, received a donated embryo or are interested in exploring these options.

Get Started

You will complete a short online questionnaire to determine your experiences with or interest in the embryo donation or adoption process. We would like to hear from people who have already donated or are interested in donating embryos or have already adopted or are interested in adopting an embryo.

Please click this link to complete the short questionnaire if you are interested in participating:


Discussion Group

Your participation in the discussion group is expected to take no more than 2 hours of your time. This can be done whenever is convenient for you during the discussion group period. More information will be provided after you complete the questionnaire referenced above.


If chosen to participate, you will receive $50 in gift cards after you complete the discussion group.