Embryo Adoption and Donation Handbook

NRFA handbook

The NRFA Embryo Adoption and Donation Handbook is an eBook written and compiled by NRFA co-founder Charis Boone Johnson. It contains information and stories gathered from families blessed by embryo adoption and donation. It is based on their personal experiences and the information they gathered along the way.
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Introduction to the handbook

“Did you know that you could carry and give birth to your adopted child?” I’ll never forget the day I first heard those words. It was a game changer that resulted in the adoption of four embryos and the birth of my daughter Zoe. The concept of adoption has been around since the beginning of time. Embryo adoption has only recently made appearance on the adoption platform. The ability to freeze and thaw embryos has resulted in a surplus of embryos in the world. 

To families considering donation, I want to hug you and tell you everything is going to work out better than you ever hoped for. The fears, trepidation, and anxiety you feel as you think about the future of these embryos will dissolve. You will choose the right path, the perfect family, and see them grow and thrive. You will experience a plethora of emotions. The most rewarding ones will result from your bravery and love for these pre-born babies you have been entrusted with. Your emotions will transition to relief, peace, and gratitude for the life that was brought into the world. It will be a beautiful thing to participate in. 

To families considering adopting embryos, I want to cheer you on and tell you this is the most amazing experience that I’ve ever participated in. While there are no guarantees with embryo adoption/donation, you have the opportunity to gain so much from attempting it. Your courage in moving forward will result in embryos being released from their frozen state. 

What’s included in the handbook

This eBook is organized into three chronological steps that occur in the Embryo Donation/Adoption (EDA) process: 

“STEP 1: Discover” will cover the initial questions that arise when first learning about and considering EDA. 

“STEP 2: Decide” discusses the various options and decisions that need to be made to move forward on a specific path to EDA. 

“STEP 3: Do it” addressing the questions that arise as you move deeper into the process towards selecting and transferring embryos.