Embryo Contract

Embryo contract

Embryo Contract Service – $350

Embryo adoption or donation is legally viewed as a property transfer. An embryo contract will be needed in order to proceed with the medical procedures, transportation of the embryos, and frozen embryo transfer. The contract will discuss terms such as what will be done with remaining unused embryos, release of liability of the donor family, confidentiality arrangements, and the rights of the adoptive family. (If a child results from the adopted embryos, the adoptive family can determine at that time whether or not to pursue an optional finalization of the adoption in court.) *This optional service is non-refundable.

So, what exactly needs to happen?

In most states, embryo donation is legally considered a property transfer, not a traditional child adoption. That means there are less hoops to jump through, saving you both time and money.

Whether you decide to work with a lawyer, agency, or choose to purchase an embryo contract from NRFA, you’ll want to make sure your agreement covers terms like party confidentiality, rights of the adoptive family, what will be done with the remaining unused embryos, and release of liability for the donor family.*

How much does embryo donation contract cost?

The legal fees for an attorney can be more than $3,000, but you can buy an embryo contract for $350.00 here (even if you don’t want to match on NRFA). We’ll have your agreement drawn up by our legal team to be notarized and shared across each party.

How long does it take?

This totally depends on the route you take. Expect it to take at least one to two months (depending on the number of agreement revisions) to get everything finalized from a legal perspective. At NRFA, we require a minimum of three weeks to have your agreement drafted up.

Getting everything squared away to legalize your embryo donation can be pretty tedious. I understand the exhaustion it can cause both donors and adoptive families. Just remember that like most difficult things, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

*Not so scary fine print: Since we’re not lawyers, keep in mind that we’re not able to provide legal advice. If you have specific questions and your embryo donation contract, we encourage you to contact a lawyer or we can connect you with the legal team we work with frequently.