Katie and Scott’s Story

First-Hand Experience

Katie Cline and her husband, Scott, have first-hand experience with fertility treatments and embryo donation. They are the proud parents of twins and share their story here.

Katie is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations at National Registry for Adoption (NRFA). She leverages her knowledge and skills as a serial entrepreneur to grow NRFA. Her real-life experience as a twin mom gives her an understanding of others’ frustrations.

first-hand experience

The Matching Service

Katie and NRFA co-founder Charis Johnson created the NRFA matching service to ease the challenges of donating embryos or finding a match in an adoption registry. They know how long and frustrating the adoption process can be, so they do their best to make adopting or matching easy and fast.

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NRFA is an online destination that connects families waiting to adopt with embryo donors and connects birth parents with hopeful adoptive families. The Dallas, Texas company was founded in 2014 and is comprised of people with first-hand experience in child and embryo adoption or donation.

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