NRFA Optional Services Provided

Embryo Contract - $350.00

Embryo adoption or donation is legally viewed as a property transfer. An embryo donation/adoption contract will be needed in order to proceed with the medical procedures, transportation of the embryos, and frozen embryo transfer. The contract will discuss terms such as what will be done with remaining unused embryos, release of liability of the donor family, confidentiality arrangements, and the rights of the adoptive family. (If a child results from the adopted embryos, the adoptive family can determine at that time whether or not to pursue an optional finalization of the adoption in court.) Learn More about Embryo Contracts

FBI Background Check - $50.00

A background check consists of several parts, which include criminal records, credit records, education verification and driving records. Fingerprints and other personal information is required to perform an FBI background check as well as any criminal convictions, or charges and arrests that did not lead to a conviction.

Pre-screening - $50.00

During the pre-screening process the NRFA team:
- Verifies profile information for accuracy
- Cross checks the Better Business Bureau for accreditation and reputation ratings
- Conducts an online media search for negative, newsworthy incidents
- Performs an overall reputation check by reading a sample of online reviews
- Please note that the NRFA pre-screening results do not reflect a provider's licensing status.

Homestudy - $750.00

A homestudy is a professional document containing information about waiting families. Although optional for embryo adoptions, the home study is a written report of the findings of the social worker who has met with the applicants on several occasions, both individually and together, usually at the social worker's office. At least one meeting will occur in the applicant's home. If there are other people living in the home, they also will be interviewed by the social worker. It highlights items such as relationships, interactions with children, your neighborhood, and your childhood. A home study also requires prospective Adoptive Parents and other adults living in the home to receive an FBI fingerprint background clearance. The home study helps potential donor families determine if a stable environment exists for a family to receive an adoptive placement.

*Optional Services are non-refundable.