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Special Consideration Embryos

A little boy with a special condition

Special Consideration

By: Barbara McNabb

Our decision to adopt embryos was not easy at first.  For years, I struggled with whether or not I wanted children of my own.  When my husband and I met 10 years ago, I did not have any children but he had 2 amazing children.  After seeing what an amazing father he was, and the joy I shared with them, I decided I wanted to have a baby.  I was not getting any younger, and time was of the essence.

You see, we didn’t start out thinking about embryo adoption.  Approximately two and a half years ago my husband and I met a young lady, who was homeless and pregnant.  She wanted to have an abortion and we spoke to her about families who would love to adopt her child.  We met with her for dinner on a Friday night and she gave me a copy of her ultrasound.  After meeting us, she decided she wanted us to adopt her precious baby.  We were thrilled and overjoyed. But, on that following Monday, she miscarried.  I was upset not just for the loss of the baby but for her also as she did not have anyone to turn to.

A few months after this happened, my husband started doing research on adoptions and came upon embryo adoption.  After doing research, talking with people who had been through embryo adoption, talking to each other in length, and praying about it, we decided we wanted  to try to do an embryo transfer.  We began the process in the summer of 2012 and in March of 2013, we had our first embryo transfer.  We transferred 3 precious babies.  While we were at our clinic for our first transfer there was another couple there from Texas who were transferring what is called “special consideration” embryos.  My husband was intrigued and kept this in mind as we waited to see if our transfer was going to be a success.

After having a positive pregnancy blood draw, I miscarried at 6 weeks.  I was devastated and was unsure I would be able to go through it again.  All of the hormone therapy, anxiety and anticipation was so overwhelming.  After much prayer, God healed my broken heart, and we decided to try again.

For our second embryo transfer we decided to look at the “special consideration” embryos.  The wonderful families who donate these precious babies have some type of medical condition, either directly or within immediate family members that could range from mild to more severe.

My husband and I decided that the good Lord would give us what He wished for us to have. There are so many couples who have no medical problems that have a baby with some type of medical issue.  After talking and praying with my husband we felt we were in a good place in our lives to adopt these special embryos.  These special embryos needed a chance at a wonderful life as well.

We contacted our clinic and requested the “special consideration” embryos.  We were given so many to choose from.  We selected our beautiful embryos and had our second transfer in July 2013.

This round we had two babies take!  I was so excited but at six weeks twin “B” stopped developing.  I reverted back to being scared that I was going to lose the one baby I still had and did not allow myself to enjoy my pregnancy.  At about 20 weeks we found out we were having a baby boy.  My precious boy decided at 35 weeks he wanted to enter his crazy world.  He was 5 weeks early and perfect!

When families are considering embryo adoption they usually do not know there are embryos that are considered “special consideration.”  These are embryos you have to ask for.  I cannot imagine my life without my precious boy and I cannot thank the donor family enough for their amazing gift they have given me.  If you are interested in “special consideration” embryos please ask you clinic if you can review these profiles.  They deserve a chance at a beautiful and wonderful life as well.